Shatner: “I Don’t Do Cameos!”

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 20, 2007 in Star Trek |

This is heartbreaking! William Shatner has gone on record in the above video to state that he hasn’t been offered a role in the upcomig Star Trek film. If this was the good old days Star Trek fanboys (and fangurls) would flood Paramount with letters, petitions and even a few death threats demanding screen time for Shat. How can we go where no man has gone before without Shat on board the Enterprise?

I blame Star Trek: TNG for ruining the rabid nature of Trek fandom, I mean how can you care about anything when the Captain of the Enterprise is up there on the small screen sipping tea and singing Gilbert and Sullivan ditties? Sadly people care more about Ellen’s dog being snatched than poor old seadog Kirk. It just isn’t right! And don’t even get me started on those bastards not including Lindsey Wagner in the Bionic Woman remake, they deserve to have their ratings tank.

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