Welcome to fanboy.com! Here are a few words from the original mission statement from our publisher — Michael Pinto:

As long as I can remember I’ve always been a fanboy: While the other little boys always wanted to always play sports I lived to watch Star Trek (and later Space:1999). A few years later I discovered the anime series Star Blazers which changed my life when it went off the around 1980. Not being empowered with a VCR my favorite show had vanished — so I took my first step into fandom and started the Star Blazers Fan Club. Sadly the show never did come back on the air in New York, but it did launch my “career” as a fanzine publisher:

The Starblazers Fan Club: News-Line Issue #1

Flash forward to the late 1990s: During the dawn of the dot.com era on a whim I decided to register fanboy.com. At first I only put a few links on the site, but in November of 2001 I started using the website for reviews. However this was just a bit before the dawn of blogging software, so the didn’t really take off until early 2006 when I starting doing updates on a regular basis.

For a long time fanboy was a term that had a negative connotation — one of my main goals for this site is to reverse that association and make it a positive word. To me the term means loving a particular subject or genre regardless of it being high or low art (I’m channeling the spirit of Design Saint Tibor Kalman). In terms of coverage I aim to cover any topic that a fanzine would have been created for in the past — and this means anything from science fiction to punk rock.

Although our point of view is very much that of a geek (with acne), so there are some genres like sports that I’ll gladly ignore (which isn’t to say that you can be a sports fanboy as portrayed by Jack Klugman in the Odd Couple TV show). Also this site should never be mistaken for a boys clubhouse — fangurls are not only welcome but encouraged to hang here. Lastly it should be noted that this site is very much a work-in-progress, so you can expect some change and with any luck some improvement.

Thank you!

Michael Pinto
Publisher Fanboy.com

P.S. I’m a dyslexic art school grad so apologies in advance for any typos or grammatical travesties.


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