Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards — Yawn!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 1, 2008 in Star Wars |

Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

Caution: This is a cranky fanboy rant! The preview art for the Topps Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards looks rather uninspired to say the least. In an age of Star Wars merchandise pushing the edge with cool looking art toys and a diverse community of creative professionals who love the show the above artwork shows a lack of imagination. Don’t get me wrong the artwork is professional, but alas it’s too conventional — it looks like a Photoshop collage. If you’re selling the “art of Star Wars” you should be afraid to show some drawings and a wider range of styles:

Topps Revives Star Wars Galaxy Trading Cards

“In response to a steady stream of fan requests over the past decade, Topps is bringing back Star Wars Galaxy — one of its most beloved entertainment card brands. The Galaxy tradition of presenting diverse artist interpretations of the Star Wars Universe continues in fine form as Topps gears up to release all-new Series 4 this February. Not only is this series aimed at the long-time Star Wars collecting community; Topps is also looking to attract a whole new generation of younger Star Wars fans and collectors. As this segment of the fan base was still diapers when the Galaxy concept first debuted over 15 years ago (many weren’t even born then), the card marketer expects the current popularity of Star Wars will attract kid and teen audiences to the Galaxy brand as well.”

…the only marketing buzzword they didn’t use above was “demographics” and “social media”! Come on Topps if you look at everything from sneakers to skateboards you know that kids and teens are will allow you to have a bit more fun with this “beloved brand”.

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