Fistful of Rupees – A Zelda/Western Fan Film

Posted by Ben Huber on Aug 10, 2012 in Fandom, Videogames

This is one of the more impressive and better mashups I’ve seen in recent times: The Game Station and Country Club’s Fistful of Rupees fan film. Combining westerns with The Legend of Zelda series, they do a great job of making something entertaining and fun, yet not embarrassing, like so many other fan films. Particularly the costume design – that poncho that Link is wearing is incredibly cool, and needs to be a real thing, pronto. I wouldn’t even wear it, but I want it. The whole film is split into 3 parts and spans a little over 20 minutes. Parts 2 and 3 are after the break! Read more…

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Amazing Twilight Princess Papersculpt Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Posted by Ben Huber on May 6, 2012 in Fandom, Videogames


I love how papercraft has been really picking up steam and becoming popular. It’s really incredible to see some of the things people make, and not all of it is the traditional boxy models. Cameron Garland has made a “papersculpt,” which is layers of paper laid on top of one another to give a dimensional feel to the creation. This Zelda: Twilight Princess set of weapons and items he created are super-detailed – they almost looked like drawings to me at first. It was on sale for $300, but it looks like someone has already gotten to it. Now this is giving me the urge to get out my X-acto knife and try doing it myself! Read more…

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Legend of Zelda: Link’s Adventure Time

Posted by Tim Sheehy on Feb 23, 2012 in Animation, Videogames

Legend of Zelda x Adventure Time TeeFury Ad

I admit that I haven’t watched a lot of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, but I’m not sure why. I’ve only seen a few episodes, but the ones I’ve seen are absolutely hilarious. For me, at least,  the art took some getting used to, but the writing is so good that it more than makes up for it. The show itself is often littered with video game references and even the creators are huge gamers themselves, which probably explains why I love this Adventure Time x Legend of Zelda crossover shirt. It’s currently available at TeeFury for the next 24 hours, so head over there if you want to pick one up. The piece itself was designed by artist TeeKetch. If you’d like to see more of his work, you can check out his DiviantArt & RedBubble. Read more…

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Zelda Hylian Shield Earrings Won’t Protect Your Ears

Posted by Ben Huber on Feb 19, 2012 in Fandom, Videogames


Ever wished you could hang the Hylian Family Crest on your ears? Or maybe a metal shield? Thankfully, these satisfy both requirements but won’t weigh as much as a real shield: Hylian shield earrings! The fantastically-named Bohemian Craftsody has created a bundle of cute Hylian shields in several different form factors. Not up for dangle earrings? There are stud versions available, as well as a ring or pin version. Check them out! Read more…



King of Games’ 25th Anniversary Zelda Shirt is King

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 31, 2011 in Videogames


King of Games has made some pretty amazing shirts over the years, but this is one of my favorites. Up for pre-order from now until February 20th, King of Games will be releasing a special 25th Anniversary Zelda t-shirt featuring the iconic Hyrule family crest, Triforce, and all of Link’s weapons and items. It’s a really great design, up to KoG’s usual standards. If you want one, be sure to put your order in soon, as only one printing run will be done, ever, according to their site. Sounds pretty rare to me! Read more…

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Hyrule Historia, a Zelda 25th Anniversary Art Book, Has a Timeline

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 16, 2011 in Videogames

zelda book 1

A beautiful new art book to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda is surprisingly cool of Nintendo, who hardly ever lets concept art seep outside the confines of their company. This book features 274 pages packed full with content. But in the listing for the book there is a mention of a “historical timeline of Hyrule” being contained in it. Read more…



It’s Dangerous to go Alone, Take This Hyrulean Book of Biology

Posted by Ben Huber on Dec 4, 2011 in Videogames

Hyrulean Book of Biology

Being the Legend of Zelda fan that I am, I’d be remiss to not bring your attention to a quirky and cute print by Andrew Kolb, The Hyrulean Book of Biology. Throughout all the many Zelda games one of the highlights has been all the cool, silly, and creative creatures you come across in your adventures. And in case you were wondering: yes, this colorful print is of course also a reference to Charley Harper’s cover for The Giant Golden Book of Biology. The only thing that could make this print better is if it really were a complete book – but that’s asking a bit much, I suppose. For now though, this poster will do nicely. If you’re like me and are thinking about picking one up for yourself, check out Andrew’s site for the Hyrulean Book of Biology and other posters.

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Legend of Zelda Prototype is a Link to the Past

Posted by Michael Sacco on Dec 31, 2010 in Videogames


It’s always neat to see prototypes or early versions of video games and looking at how they differ from the final release. Shadow of the Colossus had a bunch of colossi cut from the game before release, for example. But it’s not just recent games; Lost Levels got their hands on a prototype for the original NES Legend of Zelda, and they discovered that the game was actually made more difficult for its retail release. In the prototype, it was easier to acquire rupees, dungeons had less enemies clustered together, and the enemies come in less-threatening combinations. I guess it isn’t just confirmation bias that makes me think that NES games are just flat-out harder than other games. They did it on purpose! Read more…



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