Outer-Space Sex Complicated

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 31, 2006 in Science |

This looks like bad news for the space tourism industry:

Outer-space sex carries complications
Experts say new devices and data would be needed to hit the zero-G-spot

Having sex in the weightlessness of outer space is the stuff of urban legends and romantic fantasy — but experts say that there would be definite downsides as well. Spacesickness, for instance. And the difficulty of choreographing intimacy. And the potential for sweat and other bodily fluids to, um, get in the way.

“The fantasy might be vastly superior to the reality,” NASA physician Jim Logan said here Sunday at the Space Frontier Foundation’s NewSpace 2006 conference. Nevertheless, Logan and others say the study of sex and other biological basics in outer space will be crucial to humanity’s long-term push into the final frontier.

…by the way there’s been a book and website published on topic:

Sex in Space by Laura Woodmansee

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