Hong Kong Phooey

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 26, 2006 in Animation |

Warner Brothers has just put “Hong Kong Phooey” on DVD – this ancient cartoon classic dates to 1974. It was somewhat inspired by the Kung Fu and Blaxploitation films of the era. The show isn’t exactly the high point of animation, but it’s more of a nastolgia trip back to the early 70s than anything else. The one thing that’s cool about the show is that Phooey’s voice is none other than singer/musician Scatman Crothers who was in both Hello Dolly and the 80s Transformers film.

The website is here, even if you don’t want to invest in the DVDs the website features a Phooey wallpaper to amuse (or offend) your co-workers:

Hong Kong Phooey on DVD


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