Nimoy Must Approve the New Spock

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 31, 2006 in Star Trek |

It looks like Leoard Nimoy holds the approval rights on the casting of a new Spock. If Paramount was smart they’d make the approval process a reality TV show!

Here’s the Spock scoop:

Leonard Nimoy Holds Approval Rights for Casting of New Spock

“All I know is what I’ve been reading, probably the same as you, that (J.J. Abrams) has been engaged and expressed interest in a Star Trek movie, and the idea expressed so far is that it would be a prequel that would deal with the time and place where Spock and Kirk first met in their academy days. “Who might be his choice of actor in the role of young Spock? “I haven’t gone there yet, I think it’s premature,” said Nimoy. “Although I do, by contract, have the right to approve the casting.”

It may be safe to assume that William Shatner has similar influence over Kirk’s new face. When asked about Abrams’ film, Shatner replied, “I have no idea. All I know is I’ve received an okay from Paramount to go ahead with a series of books that I’m writing on the young Captain Kirk and the young Mr. Spock. I started work on that just recently. And that will be my idea of what the story should be”.”


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