Rumor: Enhanced FX for Original Star Trek

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 31, 2006 in Star Trek |

Rumor has it that Paramount is looking to add new special effects to the old Star Trek series. I hope these rumors aren’t true – the special effects from the original Star Trek series were pretty decent for their day. Like Dr. Who the show isn’t about the special effects, but the writing and sometimes over acting. In fact I’ve been watching old Twilight Zone episodes on the Sci Fi channel, and those hold up great and they make old Dr. Who episodes look high budget.

Here’s the source:
Star Trek May Go Where It Went Before

“Rumors sped at light speed on the Internet Tuesday that Paramount is working on an enhanced version of the original 79 Star Trek episodes that it plans to sell as a syndication package to broadcast stations. According to the reports, state-of-the-art visual effects will replace those in the series, new music will be added, and the show will be offered in high definition. Presumably, the new series will also be packaged for sale on high-definition DVD after the syndication package airs.”

I mean look at this shot from the old show, it’s not that bad:

Rumor: Enhanced FX for Original Star Trek

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