Speed Racer goes Live Action?!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Aug 8, 2006 in Animation |

It looks like this may – or may not happen – but it would be interesting to see Speed get the Matrix treatment:

Speed Racer a go?

A couple of months ago, we reported on the Wachowski brothers possibly taking over the live action feature adaptation of SPEED RACER that Vince Vaughn had at one time been attached to produce (in a story involving the Racer’s brother, Racer X). Now comes word that not only are the Wachowskis involved but they’ve established production offices for the film in the same Burbank offices where Bryan Singer previously setup shop to make the LOGAN’S RUN remake. The Wachowskis are currently waiting for a greenlight for the film from Warner Bros., which could take anywhere from one day to never. The fact that they’ve set up production offices bodes well for the film as it means that they’re serious about making it and that a greenlight is imminent. As for how the Wachowskis will reimagine SPEED RACER, schmoe Klagdavid put it best when he said it’ll be with “Leather, lots of leather.”

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