Doctor Who Standed on Earth

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 20, 2006 in Dr. Who |

The new producers of the show are shying away from episodes that take place on alien planets due to budget concerns. They just don’t get the true spirit of the show! What makes Dr, Who special is that the special effects are suppose to look low budget, and the quality of the acting and writing is what makes it all work:

Cost ‘keeps Doctor Who on earth’

“Budget constraints mean the new series of Doctor Who is largely earthbound, says writer Russell T Davies. In the most recent series of Doctor Who, only two programmes were set on other worlds. “People will say, ‘Why doesn’t he visit alien planets more often?'” he said. “But that’s because they are expensive. They’re hugely expensive.” Davies also told Doctor Who magazine that these episodes gained the lowest viewing figures of the series.”

Doctor Who Standed on Earth

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