Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 8, 2006 in Animation |

This is an amazing webpage to look at, Joel Fletcher a production artist on the “Nightmare Before Christmas” took 3D photographs of various scenes:

3-D Nightmare Before Christmas

“I was an animator at Skellington Productions for The Nightmare Before Christmas in the early nineties. Whenever possible, I took the initiative to photograph the amazing setups in 3D stereo. Here are a few examples. I photographed them with my Nikon stereo rig on Kodachrome film. The stereo pairs were recently scanned and converted to anaglyph format for this presentation. They are a testament to the outstanding artistry of the crew of Skellington Productions. It seems that I was a bit ahead of the times, as Disney will soon re-release the movie in 3D utilizing computer techniques to convert it to stereo! These anaglyph photos require red/cyan 3-D glasses to see the stereo effect. The red lens goes over the left eye. Click on an image to enlarge.”

Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D

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