Robots get Human-Like Skin

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 23, 2006 in Science |

This is quite creepy – or -cool – it seems a company in Japan has created an articial skin for robots:

Robot beauty goes skin-deep

“In a move that could provide a crucial boost to our robotic friends struggling up the near side of the Uncanny Valley, major cosmetics manufacturer Kao Corporation and a Keio University research team led by robotics professor Takashi Maeno have developed an artificial skin that feels just like human skin.

Skin, the largest organ of the human body, consists of a soft layer of tissue (dermis) covered by a tougher protective layer (epidermis). The artificial skin developed by Kao and Keio mimics the feel of human skin with a 1-cm thick “dermis” of elastic silicone covered by a 0.2-mm thick “epidermis” of firm urethane. Countless tiny hexagonal indentations etched into the urethane epidermis provide it with a very realistic texture.”

…what cool to me about this isn’t so much the idea of robots that look like people, but that this invention might be put to good use on artificial limb technology.

Robots get Human-Like Skin

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