Singer on Superman Sequel

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 26, 2006 in Comic Books |

A brief interview with Bryan Singer on making another Superman:

Bryan Singer talks Superman Returns sequel

“X-Men director Bryan Singer is promising fans more action, if and when Superman Returns 2 gets the go-ahead. Hopefully it will get a better name as well. “When you do a first film like X-Men, for example, you’re introducing a world and a set of characters,” Singer told TODAY. “Once those characters are introduced, once we’ve lived with them for awhile and we know them, when you get into a second film like an Empire Strikes Back or a Wrath of Khan, you can make an action-adventure film and you don’t have to bank all that time getting to know the characters. Now you can raise the stakes, raise the jeopardy and make a leaner, meaner movie”.”

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