Star Trek Turns FortySomething

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 8, 2006 in Star Trek |

Today Star Trek hits middle age and turns forty. I grew up watching the re-runs of the series, although I was a tad too young at the time for the first mega “Bring back Star Trek” conventions in the 70s. Back then the show had a cult following, but it wasn’t until after the success of movies like Star Wars that Hollywood came back to the series. The show was a cultural icon even in the 70s, but I think most people had no idea that there would be not one, but four more TV series that would be created in the years to come.

Yet in my mind as much as I loved the shows and movies that followed, none quite came close to capturing the magic of the original series (although Wrath of Khan came close). There’s a sort of charming magic to that show which stands the test of time, although the series is very much a product of the 60’s (but like the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds perhaps that’s why we love it so much).

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Star Trek Turns FortySomething

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