Tinker Bell is in, Barbie is out!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 25, 2006 in Animation |

Not only will Disney be putting Tinker Bell onto everything backpack in the nation, but it also seems that they’re set set to release a feature film in 2007 starring the fairy. Perhaps it’s not to late to start a letter writing campiagn to Steve Jobs to make them stop this?

Disney’s Tinker Bell To Make A Market Comeback

“Disney creation, Tinker Bell, will adorn the cool girls backpacks and clothing this school year, at least if market research agrees with Disney’s forecasts. Starring in her own feature film (debuting in 2007), Tinker Bell will be on the cover of backpacks, sweat shirts, and denim jackets in the hope of gaining some brand exposure for the upcoming film. The main demographic for Tinker Bell and her fairy friends tends to be the young grade-school group of girls.”

…also is it just me or does Tinkerbell seem like one of the most generic characters that Disney has?

Tinkerbell is in, Barbie is out!

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