War Games: the Sequel?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 10, 2006 in Cinema |

Care to play a game? After over twenty years it looks there may be a bad direct-to-DVD sequel in the works to one of my favorite early 80s geek hacker movies:

MGM Studios working on sequel to War Games

“Devoid of all originality like most hollywood studios nowadays, MGM is planning on launching a sequel aptly named “War Games 2, a thriller involving high-level computer operations, which begins filming in November.”

…now what would be cool is if the sequel was set in 1984 and they had a classic new wave soundtrack and had guest star spots for Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. And if they could work the “brand new Apple Macintosh” that would even be cooler. But nooooo! I bet they’ll do a lame job of it.

War Games: A Sequel Twenty Years Later ?

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