The Cult of Khan: Director Nicholas Meyer

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 12, 2006 in Star Trek |

Wrath of Khan was perhaps Star Trek at it’s very best. This is a great interview with writer and director Nicholas Meyer who discusses the making of the film, Spock’s death, Khan’s chest, the movie’s connection to the Horatio Hornblower novels:

‘The Cult of Khan’: One on One with Star Trek director Nicholas Meyer

“It wasn’t even my idea to bring him back (Kahn), it was just one of the things we all agreed on that we liked. They showed me the episode. At the very beginning, when I first went in, I didn’t know anything about Star Trek. They showed me the Robert Wise movie, and they showed me four or five episodes from the original series; I sat and watched, and said: “Ah! Hornblower…in outer space”.”

The Wrath of Khan

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