The X-Men in the 1960s

Posted by Michael Pinto on Oct 2, 2006 in Comic Books |

A great rant on the lack of quality in the old 1960’s X-Men comic books:

X-Men Sucked in the 1960s

“When I learned that it is possible to read every X-Men comic ever made*, I had a bright idea. I was going to read each comic starting from the very beginning. It was going to be epic, it was going to be awesome, it was going to be the nerdiest thing I could possibly do. And then I read Uncanny X-Men #1. And that sh*t was bad.”

A good bit is about the artwork below:

“3) Overt sexism. Don’t give me the “it was a different era” bullcrap. The treatment of Jean was absolutely ridiculous! Take a look at this panel, shortly after she was introduced to the rest of the team.”


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