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This is an amazing gallery of cover art from Astounding magazine, which later became known as Analog:

Astounding-Analog Science Fiction Covers

“Possibly one of the main reasons for Analog’s continued survival and success is a consistent editorial policy over a long period of time. From 1938 to 1971, it was edited by John W Campbell jr., certainly the most famous and influential and, I think, the longest serving of all SF editors. His towering influence shaped not only Astounding (as it was until 1960) but the careers of many leading authors and, through them, the whole field of science fiction. What is less well known is that, since 1978, Analog has again had a single editor, Stanley Schmidt, who is probably therefore the second longest serving SF editor. It is impressive that a magazine that has survived for more than 75 years has, for 60 of them, been directed by just two men. (Gardner Dozois, by the way, has edited Asimov’s for nearly two decades, so Dell certainly seem to believe in backing their editors).”

Below: Covers from 1931 and 1945.

Astounding Stories of Super Science Covers

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