Cosplay Episode of Ainori

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 15, 2006 in Fandom |

This looks like a cosplay themed episode of the Japanese TV show Ainori:

Here’s a description of the show:

“Ainori is a reality program where seven young men and women travel the world riding a pink bus. The program is reminiscent of a travelogue; as of October 2006, the show has followed the bus across 71 countries as participants explore both famous tourist attractions and more off-the-beaten-path places.

The show’s twist is that the participants are each young, single people whose goal is to find love with another participant and return to Japan as a couple. When a participant has decided they like someone else, they ask the driver for a ticket back to Japan. They then declare their love to the object of their affection, and ask that the two return to Japan together. After a night’s consideration, the person who received the love declaration can either answer with a kiss, after which both participants leave the bus for Japan. Otherwise, the jilted participant is left to return to Japan alone. ”

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