Lunatic at Large

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 1, 2006 in Cinema |

It looks like they might make a film based on an old Stanley Kubrick script:

After Death, My Sweet: From an Idea by Kubrick, a New Film May Be Born

“Stanley Kubrick never threw anything away. On the other hand, he didn’t have much of a filing system, and when he moved — permanently, it turned out — from Hollywood to London in 1962, a great many things went astray. Among them was the sole copy of a film treatment called “Lunatic at Large,” which Mr. Kubrick had commissioned in the late ’50s from the noir pulp novelist Jim Thompson, with whom he had worked on “The Killing,” a 1956 bank-heist story that became his first successful feature, and then on 1957’s “Paths of Glory.” The manuscript remained lost until after Mr. Kubrick’s death, in 1999, when his son-in-law, Philip Hobbs, working with an archivist, turned it up, along with a couple of other scripts, and set about trying to make it into a movie.”

…Part of me will always be somewhat let down that Kubrick didn’t a chance to create a few more films before he passed away, but on the other hand if they give a project to thi sto the right director you might get a bit of magic. In fact when AI came out I hated it because it wasn’t directed by Kubrick, but the more I think back to it the more I like it.

Below: Kubrick on the left and noir pulp novelist Jim Thompson on the right.


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