Soundrop Moe

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 22, 2006 in Hobbies and Collections |

Soundrop Moe is a keychain toy by Bandai that plays an ultra cute anime voice when you click on it:

Soundrop Moe

So of course now you want to ask, so what exactly is Moe?

Well Moe (萌え? mo’e/, pronounced “mo-eh”/ literally ‘budding’, as with a plant) is a Japanese slang word originally referring to fetish for or love for characters in video games or anime and manga. For example, 眼鏡っ娘萌え, meganekko-moe, “glasses-girl moe”, describes a person who is attracted to fictional characters with eyeglasses. Since then, the term has come to be used as a general term for a hobby, mania or fetish (non-sexual) — 鉄道萌え, tetsudou-moe, “train moe”, is simply a passionate interest in trains. A moekko is a character who could be considered stereotypically attractive — youthful and cute.

By the way there are also other soundrops that are based on popular anime series like Dragonball Z and Mobile Suit Gundam:

Soundrop Dragonball Z

Soundrop Gundam

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