Nintendo DS Lite? Manhattan? Sold Out!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 21, 2006 in Videogames |

Nintendo DS Lite

So I wanted to get the perfect gift for a tech junkie who already owns not one, not two, but three iPods! Then it hit me: Why not get a Nintendo DS Lite? It’s perfect for someone stuck on a subway, it’s the right price, and best of all it’s an interesting gadget with the cute two screen interface.

Well I’ve just returned from stopping at five stores, and I can tell you that the Nintendo DS Lite is sold out in Manhattan. In fact when I stopped by Circuit City I was told they’ve been sold out for two weeks now. When I stopped by a GamesStop store a sales clerk gave me his explanation:

“From what I’ve seen many parents ran in here to buy the Wii which is also sold out. But they somehow figure getting a Nintendo something will do the trick, so they buy the DS Lite!”

This sort of makes sense to me, but if it’s true something tells me that quite a few kids who asked Santa for a Wii will be a bit let down on Monday morning…

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