Tokyo Mew Mew

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 3, 2006 in Animation |

I recently rediscovered Tokyo Mew Mew, which is a very silly shōjo anime series from 2002 in which a girl can transform into a cat:

Here’s a quick review of the plot of Tokyo Mew Mew:

“A girl named Ichigo Momomiya and four other girls have their DNA mysteriously combined with the DNA of endangered animals. Gaining special abilities and a different appearance, they later find out that they have been chosen to protect Earth from a group of aliens who wish to ‘reclaim it’.

At the same time, these five girls must also work at the Café Mew Mew as waitresses. To make things more difficult for Ichigo, she must also deal with finding out whether her crush, and later in the manga/anime boyfriend, Masaya Aoyama, likes her or knows that she is a Mew Mew.”

Tokyo Mew Mew was translated into English, but quite a bit got cut out so it’s worth it to watch the fansubs if you can. Here is the first part of episode one:

And here is a scan from a Japanese anime magazine article on Tokyo Mew Mew:

Tokyo Mew Mew

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