Retro Italian Animated Commercials

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jan 14, 2007 in Animation |

This first one is a very cute Italian science fiction themed stop motion animation commercial from 1970 for Philco dish washers:

I love the character design style on this commercial for Pirelli from 1962 (the music also adds a nice touch too):

This 1967 commercial combines both cel animation and live action:

This one is for Caffe Hag from 1965:

This one is for is for San Pellegrino from 1964 and has some very nice tropical themed illustrations:

This one from 1965 uses an animated horse to sell a fruit flavored drink:

This one from 1968 isn’t animated, but has an interesting time travel theme to it (and a cute robot):

And this last one from 1962 also has a fun robot theme too:

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