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Last fall Rob Zombie (House of 1,000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects) was given the green light to write and direct the next installment of the horror franchise Halloween. Rob wasn’t intrested in doing a sequel to what has become a dead horse. Instead he is going back and retelling how Michael Meyers came to be. Over on the ‘offical Halloween movie blog’ on Myspace Rob has been slowly releasing the cast list for the new movie this is what he has so far.

Dr. Loomis – Malcolm McDowell-This suprised the hell out of me but I think it will end up being a good choice.
Young Michael Myers – Daeg Faerch
Adult Michael Myers – Tyler Mane-Best known as Sabretooth in X-Men he’s a large presence and should fit the role well
Deborah Myers – Sheri Moon Zombie-Well yeah, Sheri is in everything Rob does.
Mason Strode – Pat Skipper
Cynthia Strode – Dee Wallace Stone
Ronnie White – William Forsythe-Another Devil’s Reject he’s going to play the abusive boyfriend to Sheri Moon Zombie’s Mama Myers.
Big Joe – Ken Foree-Yet another Devil’s Reject Cast member a veteran actor who will allways be linked to the original Dawn of the Dead in my mind.
Nole Kluggs – Lew Temple
Ismael Cruz – Danny Trejo

Many of the main characters have yet to be announced including: Laurie, Annie, Lynda, Judith, Sheriff Brackett, Kendall Jacks, Grant Clark, Principle Erics, Councilman Edwards, Lindsey Wallace, Tommy Doyle, Deputy Charles, Dr. Koplenson, Barbara Florentine and Morgan Walker

As a fanboy of the horror genre and a huge Rob Zombie mark I can not wait for this movie.

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