Anne Cleveland and Jean Anderson

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Anne Cleveland and Jean Anderson

There’s a great tribute to the cartoonists Anne Cleveland and Jean Anderson at Shaenon K. Garrity’s Live Journal:

Anne Cleveland and Jean Anderson

“A while back, there was a debate about why women don’t get no respect in comics, like there always is, and a cartoonist by the name of Anne Cleveland came up. Basic summary: Anne Cleveland was a little-known cartoonist working from the 1930s to 1960s, starting with a series of cartoons about campus life drawn while she was a student at Vassar College (class of ’37). She often worked with a collaborator, Jean Anderson, although it’s unclear how they split the duties. It seems likely that Anderson was a writer only, but I have no confirmation on that.

These cartoons are all scanned from the booklet Everything Correlates, first published in 1946. I also have another booklet, Vassar: A Second Glance. The booklets contain no information whatsoever about the cartoons or their creators, so I don’t know if these were drawn while Cleveland and Anderson were students, or, if not, when, where, and why they first appeared. Cleveland also painted murals on the walls of the Vassar Alumnae House pub which were still there when I was a student, but I don’t have pictures of those.”

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