Doomsday Machine: Remastered

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Star Trek Doomsday Machine: Remastered

Star Trek Doomsday Machine: Remastered

Star Trek Doomsday Machine: Remastered

Above are new images from the remastered version of the classic Star trek episode Doomsday Machine (from and found via

I’d have to say that just seeing the above images brings back many a happy childhood memory of watching the show in glorious black and white on re-runs on WPIX in the 70s.

Two things made that episode great: The first was the powerful soundtrack by Alexander Courage. The music gave the planet eater a voice, and in many ways the soundtrack of Jaws owed quite a bit to Mr. Courage.

It’s also funny because in many ways the planet eater is very much like Moby Dick character haunting poor Commodore Decker. Which brings me to the second thing that I love about that episode: William Windom may be the only man in the entire history of Star Trek who could out-over-act William Shatner!

Of course the best thing about this episode as a kid was that you could always buy your 2nd AMT Enterprise, change the name to U.S.S. Constellation and blow it up with firecrackers to give it that authentic “planet eater munch” treatment. Nope can’t get any cooler than that…

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