Martian Moon Mission

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 10, 2007 in Science |


This is an amazing article on a planned mission to Phobos (for the year 2016):

Martian moon ‘could be key test’

“Mars’ moon Phobos could be the target for a technology trial that would seek to return rock samples to Earth. A UK team is developing a concept mission that aims to land a spacecraft on the potato-shaped object and grab material off its surface.

These small rock fragments would then be despatched to Earth in a capsule. “It is being seen as a technological demonstrator for an eventual Mars sample return,” said Dr Andrew Ball from the Open University. Those aspects of the mission that worked well could be incorporated into a full-scale assault on the Red Planet.”

…and interesting fact I read in the article is that Phobos will one day (well millions of years from now) crash into Mars or be torn into little bits.

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