Reddy Kilowatt

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 8, 2007 in Animation |

Just plug in I’m readdy! This is a very camp animated commercial for Pacific Gas and Electric:

The Toonpedia has a great article on Reddy Kilowatt:

“Information supplied by Reddy’s owners indicates the character was created by Ashton B. Collins Sr., general commercial manager of Alabama Power Company. At the time (middle 1920s), electricity wasn’t exactly brand-new technology, but a lot of people could still remember when most homes weren’t wired, and not everyone was entirely comfortable with the stuff. Collins, just home from an industry convention where a big problem under discussion was how to sell electricity as a servant of mankind, was gazing out the window into a thunderstorm, wondering what an electric servant might look like. All of a sudden, two lightning bolts merged and struck the ground as one. For a split-second, they reminded Collins of a human figure, and at that moment Reddy Kilowatt sprang from his brow full-grown, like Athena from that of Zeus.”

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