Shiina Ringo

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 25, 2007 in Japanese TV |

Shiina Ringo

This new funky goth lolita commercial stars Japanese singer/songwriter Ringo Shiina and is for a health drink called “Kibun Tounyuu”:

Here’s some background info on Shiina:

“Shiina Ringo (alternately Sheena Ringo and similar spellings) somehow steps around the industry archetypes. In fact, it’s hard to say who Shiina Ringo is. We’ve seen her as a lost teenager going against the grain, a racy nurse with an interest in her female patients, a bride with a smile as bright as the pistol she holds to her head, even a jazz-hungry flapper. With a wink and a flash of skin, Shiina Ringo has proven to be many things, but it always comes down to her incredible music.

There is no way to classify Shiina Ringo’s work other than that it is her own. She flits between and merges together genres in ways never thought possible, so much that she really has a genre all of her own. It doesn’t matter if it’s jazz, rock, or some bizarre combination of the two, she will make it work and you will like it. She experiments with her music and her voice; she whispers, rasps, coos, and screeches her way through playful lyrics and arrangements in a way only Shiina Ringo can.”

Here’s a music video by her for her song Ringo no Uta:

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