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Marvel Civil War

OK, so everyone is so sick of all the Civil War & 52 stuff. Don’t get me wrong I like both of them for different reasons I’ll start with 52 from DC. For those of you who don’t know here’s a quick background on 52 the huge mini-series. Years ago there was a great story called “Crisis on Infinite Earth’s” since at the time DC was still doing Silver Age & Modern stories together. They explained this by having multiple earth’s such as earth x, earth prime, earth 2, etc. Heroes from the JSA were in the golden age earth where world war 2 never seemed to end, but the JLA were on the modern day earth but they used to cross the borders of time and space all the time to do stories.

The problem was having all these earths we had all different versions of the heroes we had our Superman, we had classic Superman who was older with gray hair around the temples…well you get the point. So DC does this incredible story which blew up the whole universe and re-wrote history so only one of each hero or so we thought. The one glitch was that classic Superman & Lois Lane along with Superboy & Alexander Luthor all of different worlds, they were sealed in a pocket universe. Well Superboy being a little nuts now wanted out and talked Superman into helping bust out of their pocket prison, see at this point his Lois is very sick and close to the end of her life.

Well with Alexanders help they make a mad scientist machine that will bring back their earth which they think will fix everything…WRONG! Well I don’t want to tell everything go buy the story if you didn’t read it already. Well at the end of “Infinite Crisis” powers get jumbled heroes go missing such as Superman and others, well 52 is the story of the missing year. See now the title makes sense, huh? 52 is still going on but all the other titles never stopped they just jumped a year into the future. So 52 is a mini series that comes out every single week to try to explain what happened in that missing year.

Some of the highlights are the rise and fall of the Black Adam Family, search for a new Dr. Fate, Lex Luthor’s Super Hero program “Everyman Project” and so much more. See 52 for the most part is a great story with a supporting cast as the stars. 52 is one huge mini-series but it’s a bunch of short stories all some how linked together.

One of the best parts of 52 I think is that like Justice League unlimited you get to see all kinds of characters turning the supporting cast into the major lead actors. Lets face it Elongated Man is a major player in the series so far, in his chase to bring back his wife while talking to the helmet of Dr Fate. But I’d have to say the bad guys are coming back in a big way like Black Adam & Lex, but let’s face it 52 is the biggest backup story ever. Not that it’s bad thing Green Arrow was a back up in Detective for years and now he’s on Smallville! Not too shabby.

Civil War from Marvel all started with the new warriors filming their tv show were they catch super criminals (kind of like “Cops with capes”). So they find this house with a bunch of villains in it so they try to take them all down …but one of the villains sees them so the battle begins.

At the end one villain “Nitro” gets corned or so the heroes thought. See Nitro got the name from his powers so he explodes. Yeah I know you might be saying so what the bad guy blows up …but he goes up like a A-Bomb in front of a school killing hundreds of people most of them children.

Superhero Registration Act

The government comes up with this new law “Superhero Registration Act”, if you don’t register you go to jail, but it gets worse the heroes have to give up their secret identities (see illustration above). That’s how the war starts the heroes are divided fighting each other Captain America the leader on one side and Iron Man on the other. The biggest part so far is Spiderman letting the world know he was Peter Parker, bad idea but it’s great reading so far. OK the series is good but not everything with a tie-in banner means something myself I’m getting all of it cause if I buy one I have to have them all! But really civil war & civil war frontline are the staples for the big “House of Idea’s” story line.

The other tie-ins are fine but let’s face it Peter Parker went back to the black costume because Spider-man 3 has the black costume, but they never keep the black costume around for too long. Most of the people that come in like the story but there are just soooooooooooooo many issue’s of it every week not everybody has time to read all those issue’s every week….I guess what I’m getting at is…well too much of a good thing ???

About Stone (also known as Bill): I never realized that I was a fanboy until I sold my comic book collection five times over, and then each time would go and buy back most of the real good stuff. I work at part time as the assistant manager at Wildtime Comics, a real full service comic book shop that’s been around for over 20 years a huge selection of back issues. To find out more about me, please visit my webpage at

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