The Day that Hollywood Stood Still

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 22, 2007 in Cinema |


Is there nothing else left for Hollywood to ruin? Running in and out of rehab is nothing to be ashamed of in Tinsel Town, but coming up with a new idea for a film must be some sort of unspoken sin. Anyway it looks like the classic science fiction film “The Day the earth Stood Still” is set to be ruined, I mean “reinvisioned” by Fox:

The Day the Earth Stood Still Being Remade for 2008 – Confirmed!

“Apparently Box Office Mojo, the best website for all things box office earnings, has updated their schedule for summer 2008 and included a listing of The Day the Earth Stood Still to open on May 9th, 2008 (one week after Iron Man). The original is a sci-fi classic 1951 movie about an alien and a robot that land on Earth to try and save the world from being destroyed. IMDB doesn’t even have a listing for this remake, but Box Office Mojo claims it’s being produced by Fox, fast-tracked for a spot in 2008′s busy summer.”

Here’s a trailer for the “classic version” of the film:

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