The Double Deckers

Posted by Michael Pinto on Feb 23, 2007 in Television |

This music filled title sequence is from a 1970 British kids themed show called “The Double Deckers”:

I never heard of this show before, but the cast has every cliched character that you can think of, there’s a smart kid called “Brains”, a drum player called “Sticks”, and of course an sad overweight child whose taunting nickname is “Doughnut”. And of course no show would be complete without a little girl called “Tiger” who has (you guessed it) a pet tiger doll also named “Tiger”.

The plot of the show is that “The Double Deckers” are a group of seven young adults (aged 9 to 16) living in London who hang out and play together in a converted doubledecker bus. The bus serves as a club house for the kids. The token American character is the drum player Sticks, and the lone adult regular was Albert, a street cleaner.

Accoding to a BBC Comedy Guide article only 17 episodes of the show were made, but the series had a great impact as re-runs were shown during school holidays. Here’s a clip from an episode titled “Get a Move On”:

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