Super Dimentional Space Century Orguss

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Super Dimentional Space Century Orguss

One of my favorite underrated anime shows from the 80s is Super Dimentional Space Century Orguss which came out in 1983. Becuase the show came after Macross and featured transforming mecha the show has been a bit lost to time (also it wasn’t rolled into Robotech so most American anime fanboys didn’t get to see it).

What made Orguss so special to me was the first episode which set up a pretty unique plot. The show starts off with a global world war going on over the ownership of an all important space elevator. I don’t think I’ve seen a sci fi show before or since (and it’s been twenty years now) that has ever featured a space elecvator as part of the plot. Then there is the next plot twist, in additional to the usual atomic, biological and chemical weapons — a “dimentional bomb” has been created to fight the war.

This made for a pretty exciting setup for the series. What follows is the dimentional bomb going off and sending our hero into an anime version of “Land of the Lost”. The human character from our world then teams up with an odd assortment of other worldly characters. In addition to the interesting plot and characters the show was very well designed, the characters looked great and the mecha matched. Even the costume designs were interesting, even if they were inspired by the Flashdance fashions of the era.

I recently came across a great website on the show which is well worth checing out, it even features a special toys section (which was half the fun with any show from that era):

Super Dimension Century Orguss Shrine

Here’s the opening titles from the show featuring the lyrics “where are you going, when are you coming home?”

And for you die hard fans here’s the end titles to Orguss:

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