Christina Ricci will be the New Trixie

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Christina Ricci will be the New Trixie

I guess to me Corinne Orr wil always be the true voice of Trixie! That said Christina Ricci has done some nice work, but I hope they cast Trixie more in a cute light than make her too sexy:

Ricci scores date with ‘Speed’

“Christina Ricci is joining Larry and Andy Wachowski’s live-action adaptation of the 1960s cartoon “Speed Racer” for Warner Bros. Pictures and producer Joel Silver. Emile Hirsch, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman already have boarded the high-octane project, which is based on the anime series created by Tatsuo Yoshida for Japanese audiences and later imported to the U.S.

“Speed” centers on a young race car driver, Speed (Hirsch), and his quest for glory in his thundering, gadget-laden vehicle Mach 5. Ricci will star as Speed’s girlfriend Trixie, his formidable ally on and off the track. The show revolved around Speed’s family. In the big-screen adaptation, Goodman will play Pops, a race car owner and builder. Sarandon is on board as Pops’ wife, the backbone of the family as well as the Mach 5 Go Racing Team. The Wachowskis, who are writing and directing, are eyeing a summer shoot in Berlin with a summer 2008 release.”

…you know it would show some class if the brothers Wachowski gave bit parts to Corinne Orr and Peter Fernandez. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they keep the fanboys like myself happy.

Update: Here’s a video interview with Christina talking about playing Trixie:

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