Fanboy vs. the Taxman

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 24, 2007 in Hobbies and Collections |

Fanboy vs. the Taxman

There’s some sad news for a poor fanboy in Japan, it seems his local tax dept. has decided to make him (and his valued toy figurine collection) an example:

Tax office puts seized toy figures of young girls up for sale on Net

“A tax office here has put a set of figures of young girls seized from a tax delinquent up for auction on the Internet “to deepen understanding about the prefectural government’s tax collection,” taxation officials said.

The figures, which were put up for auction by the prefectural government’s Otaru tax office, included characters from a love simulation game marketed in the 1990s. The figures are no longer produced and are considered valuable collectors’ items.

“Our aim isn’t to sell them for a high price, but to deepen understanding about tax collection in Hokkaido. We want to draw people’s attention,” an official from the tax office said.”

Found via JapanProbe.

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