Godzilla Loves the Ladies

Posted by Michael Pinto on Apr 16, 2007 in Fandom |

I love this silly short film, in it the director has a plastic Godzilla model roaming the halls of a school making Beavis and Buttheadesque comments:

So after watching this mini Godilla epic, I had to do a quickie interview with the director!

First question, who are you?
Well, I’m Jeremy Eugene Jones, you may also remember me from my really bad Elimidate appearance or, more likely, as one of the writers and voice actors of “Zinwrath: the Movie.” (I wrote the dialogue for the Burakubuu character and also the crazy gnome speech in the middle, and did the voice for Burakubuu, along with some general script editing) I’m currently going to film school in San Francisco and working on film sets whenever I can.

I like ocelots and the musical stylings of Bruce Willis.

…and what inspired you to make this short film?
Well, that’s an odd question. I started making Godzilla videos when I was bored one night and wanted to re-enact the death of two of my friends who weren’t, in fact, dead. But there was a banana, and a toy tractor, and some GI Joes and then, Godzilla. Given my lack of social wazoo, I later used Godzilla as a personal spokesperson to say to girls what I could not, myself, being a simple sterile ninja.

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