Fanboys Delayed

Posted by Michael Pinto on May 18, 2007 in Star Wars |

Fanboys the movie

According to this article the film Fanboys has been delayed and won’t come out until January 2008:

Fanboys Pushed Back To January 2008

“Fanboys has been delayed. As a Star Wars fan, I am devastated. Fanboys is the love letter to the greatest movie franchise of all time. And this year marks the 30th Anniversary. I wanted the film to be my gift back to Star Wars and to the fan community. But ultimately the shift in release will be a good thing for the movie. We made Fanboys for under five million dollars. And the studio has given us the go-ahead to do the things to it that we couldnt do with our initial limited schedule and budget. There are one or two hilarious things that I wanted to shoot and they are giving me the funds to do it. Which is great!!! As a filmmaker, it’s not often someone says — here’s more money – what else do you want to do? But that’s the situation we are in. Unfortunately, I dont get the actors back together for four months! (The one drawback to having such a hot young cast at the top of their game.) But rest assured fans won’t escape Fanboys this year. We kick it off with our presence at Celebration IV in a big way (sneak-peaking scenes, releasing our prequel comic book and teaser poster)… then we will heat things up at the San Diego Comic-Con in July. And from there we just keep building toward January. I am so excited to unleash this movie. It’s going to be huge!”

…I blame the slacker culture associated with Star Wars for the delay, you know full well that a film about Star Trek fanboys would be out on time! Not so high and mighty are we now with our Death Star vs. the Enterprise showdown arguements?

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