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Posted by Michael Pinto on May 31, 2007 in Comic Books |

Killing Girl artwork by Frank Espinosa

Killing Girl artwork by Frank Espinosa

Shown above is the cover and and interior illustrations by Frank Espinosa for Killing Girl #1. What I love about the artwork here is that it has a fast and sketchy feeling to it, instead the controlled paint within lines quality that most comic books have. Espinosa has brought his illustrations to life by giving them a sense of animation, in fact the style reminds me of the cult classic Stevie and Zoya which was created by Joe Horne for MTV in the 80s. Frank Espinosa’s previous work on Rocketo is also well worth checking out if you have a chance (it was nominated for three Eisner awards), there’s a real sense of whimsy in his artwork which is entertaining.

By the way as much as I’m a fanboy of sequential artwork, the story for Killing Girl which is by Glen Brunswick looks quite grabbing:

“What if the Mafia had their own secret service…? Sara doesn’t remember her real name. What she does know is that she traded away misery as a former prostitute and became a world-class killing machine. When a routine hit goes sour, Sara makes a shocking discovery: Suppressed memories, haunting her since childhood, are in fact TRUE! And her REAL family, presumed dead, may actually still be alive. She begins to wonder about her life that could have been. Is it too late to reclaim her humanity? No one has ever retired from the Cosa Nostra secret service and lived.”

Killing Girl #1 (of 5) will be published by Image and will be at your local comic book store on August 8th.

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