24seven: Robot Heaven

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 2, 2007 in Comic Books |

24seven Volume 2 Cover by Ashley Wood

Seen above is the cover for the second volume of 24seven by Austrailian illustrator Ashley Wood. I love Wood’s sketchy quality on the cover which features a decaying Blade Runner looking architecture as a backdrop. Also his use of bold black strokes with little touches of pink and cyan make for a striking contrast.

For those of you who missed the first volume (which will be re-issued) the comic is a group effort of artists telling multiple stories with the common theme of robots. Here’s an insightful quote from 24seven editor from an interview telling how the project got started:

“’24seven’ came about in a bunch of random conversations at conventions and so on with like-minded creators who showed me there was the potential there for a hell of a book,” explained Brandon. “’24seven’ is, for me, somewhat like a smaller record imprint at a major studio. A lot of the creation of work for hire comics is the equivalent of playing session guitars on someone else’s album, whereas in the path to creating ’24seven,’ this quickly became an opportunity to let some of the best minds in comics finally cut loose on their own songs, unfettered by continuity or any of the other bits of the business that hinder free creativity. The result will be obvious, the fans will get to see their favorite creators doing some of their most amazing and creative work.”

24seven Volume Two is published by Image Comics and will be out on August 1st.

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