Hubo FX-1 Walking Robot

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jun 15, 2007 in Science |

The amazing walking robot above was developed in South Korea by the Humanoid Robot Research Center (Hubo Lab). Here’s the description of the project:

“HUBO-FX1 is the human-riding robot having 12 DOF. The development concept is that the robot can walk naturally with carrying a person or a load of 100kg, so the lower body takes after legs of human and the upper body takes after a chair. A person who sits on the upper body can control the robot naturally using the built-on joystick installed. It has many kinds of sensors. Each ankle has the 3-axis force/torque sensor which measures a normal force and 2 moments. Each foot has the inclination sensor which measures angle of the slope. Also the rate gyro and the inclination sensor of the body can do a stabilization of itself. HUBO-FX1 is 2m in height and 150kg in weight. It is possible to perform forward walking, backward walking, side walking and turning around.”

Found via John Dvorak.

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