Happy Hundredth to Heinlein

Posted by Michael Pinto on Jul 7, 2007 in Pulp Fiction |

Robert A. Heinlein - Pulp Magazine and Book Covers

Today is the 100th birthday of science fiction master Robert A. Heinlein who was born in July 7th, 1907 and passed away in 1988. As a dyslexic youth I always prefered to watch science fiction on television rather than read it, but I have to say that reading Heinlein was always a great pleasure for me (my favorite is the Moon is a Harsh Mistress). What’s also enjoyable about his work is that even while you may not always agree with his point of view, his writing always makes a great conversation starter with fellow fanboys and fangurls.

By the way shown above are various covers from from both books and pulp magazines featuring Robert Heinlein, if you’d like to see more go and check out the Heinlein Book Cover Museum.

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