Let the Death Note Backlash Begin…

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 23, 2007 in Animation |

Misa CraftLabel Statue - Death Note

It’s only been a day or two (although it might as well be 100 years on the net) since the announcement of Death Note coming to Adult Swim. So you’d think that every anime fanboy would be setting up the DVR, but not everyone is pleased with the news:

New Low for Adult Swim

“It looks like Adult Swim will be showing Death Note on October 20th. I thought Adult Swim was redeeming itself by showing Cowboy Bebop again but I guess not. Of course, Adult Swim has been going down the crap shoot for a few years now. Honestly, I only use Adult Swim at night to help me go to sleep. I’m so glad that I don’t get my anime from TV anymore.

Now, I’d like to point how I can see why Adult Swim picked this show. It’s due to the fact that for some odd reason Death Note is very popular and this would only bring more viewers to Adult Swim. But I really don’t see it as all the great. There are a ton of other series they could have chosen from but I guess they will continue to pick crappy series.”

…I have to admit that I’ve been following * cough * one or two shows on the net, but it is always nice to see stuff on my actual television. The fanboys of today are spoiled! Back when I first discovered anime we had to watch it on 12th generation VHS tapes and guess what was going on and then * maybe * if we were very lucky the darn show would come to America on TV years later but edited to death.

By the way the photo shown at the top is the Misa CraftLabel Statue from Death Note which is available here.

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