The Rebirth of the Flying Car?

Posted by Michael Pinto on Sep 3, 2007 in Science |

The Moller Skycar

This is an interesting story from the BBC on a skycar that a company called Moller is working on (their website is quite interesting and worth a glance). It’s funny because I grew up watching science fiction I’ve always not thought much of skycars because you’d see them in shows like the Jetsons, while more realistic technology like a permanent moon base would be featured in shows like Space:1999, so it would be ironic if I lived to see flying cars take off in my lifetime while we’re still so earthbound:

‘Flying saucer’ nears US take-off

“It has been called the vehicle of the future and the ultimate way to beat the rush hour commute. It is the M 200G, otherwise known as a “flying saucer”, which is being built by a company in Davis, California called Moller International. It says the futuristic contraption will go on sale in a few months and hopes to expand production to 250 a year. Company representatives say it is easy to operate, with plenty of leg room and space for a passenger.”

Here’s a test of the M400 Skycar:

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