Archibald Aardvark: Amazing A+ Artwork!

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 29, 2007 in Comic Books |

Archibald Saves Christmas #1 - story Dwight L. MacPherson, Art & Cover Grant Bondg

It’s a trick of the trade, you see it all the time: You have an amazing cover, but then you get the olde “bait and switch” and the interior of your comic book looks like it was the intern’s lucky day. Well what I love about Archibald Saves Christmas #1 is that the interior panels look even better than the cover art! I also love the originality of both the concept and look of this book, the plot reminds me a bit of Who Framed Roger Rabbit and the artwork looks like RAW Magazine from the 80s kitbashed with a black-and-white Max Fleischer cartoon. It’s nice to see Image Comics doing something innovative, and the illustrator Grant Bond and the writer Dwight L. MacPherson are worth adding to your check list.

Here’s an overview of the story which is in comic book shops this week:

Archibald Aardvark went insane after the brutal murders of his brother and friends. After spending five delirious years chewing on his tongue in a mental hospital, Archibald finds himself back on the spiraling streets of Tinsel Town. Desperate and alone, Archibald has two choices: catch a psychopathic murderer or blow his brains on a wall at the Hopeless Hotel. The only problem is he may have to do one to accomplish the other.”

By the way here’s the cover art:

Archibald Saves Christmas #1 - story Dwight L. MacPherson, Art & Cover Grant Bond

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