Remembering Evel Knievel

Posted by Michael Pinto on Nov 30, 2007 in Hobbies and Collections |

 Evel Knievel toy

Sadly Evel Knievel has passed away, but his legend lives! No fanboy’s childhood in the 70s would be complete without wishing for an Evel Knievel toy for Christmas! Looking back at it I can see why kids liked Evel, back in the 70s it was the era of the sensitive man from Woody Allen to Alan Alda to the lovable loser Ziggy. But it’s hard for a boy to see these complex characters as role models, while Mr. Knievel’s simple philosophy was “I’m not sure if I’ve run out of bones on my body to break”. Everyone looked up to Evel, even Fonzie from Happy Days – but when Fonzie tried to imitate Evel he only managed to jump the shark. Here’s a commercial from that now gone golden age:

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