Space Shuttle Concept Art from 1971

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 29, 2007 in Science |

Tang Ad 1971 - Space Shuttle Concept Art by H. K. Wimmer

Shown above is an ad for Tang from a November 1971 issue of Parents’ Magazine. Here’s some teaser copy that only a fanboy could love:

“Imagine a spacecraft that carries 12 passengers and lands as easily as an airplane. It will be ferrying back and forth to space by the late 1970’s. And if the future is like the present, Tang will be in its galley.”

Sadly the space shuttle didn’t look quite as cool as the concept art in the ad, although to credit the copy the shuttle did indeed take off ten years later in 1981 (which wasn’t too long after the late 70’s). The illustration of the ad was created by H. K. Wimmer. A second ad in the series can be seen here.

Found via Wishbook.

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