Star Wars Gamecube Mod

Posted by Michael Pinto on Dec 2, 2007 in Star Wars |


If your a Starwars and Nintendo fanboy you’re gong to want to bid on this goodie at eBay:

AT-AT Gamecube Mod! Nintendo! (not a Wii)

“Star Wars Fans!!! Nintendo Fans!!! Gamers!!! Dont miss out on this chance to own a one of a kind Item! This is an auction for my one of a kind Gamecube AT-AT mod. (AKA the AT-GC) It includes 4 wavebird controllers and the 2 memory cards that are inside the system itself (a 1019 and a 251) All the original Gamecube components are inside this mod including the heatsync and cooling fans so it will not overheat (Notice the small holes in the underside of the system for ventilation) and yes, the AT-AT pilot is also included:! All of it is in great cosmetic condition. The AT-AT itself was mint and complete before the Modification and still is (minus the electronic sound effects unit and head movement lever that were once inside) All of it’s joints are still tight and it’s paint is bright.”

…check out this video of the AT-AT in action:

Found via Engadget.

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