The Cutting Room Floor: See No Evil

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See No Evil

The first film released by WWE Films, See No Evil stars WWE Superstar Kane (a running theme in WWE movies with The Marine starring John Cena and The Condemned starring Stone Cold Steve Austin). The basis for the movie is a basic horror film formula. An abandoned building, a psycho killer and a group of kids just waiting their turn to die.

In this case the group of kids come from a youth detention center, led by Williams (Steven Vidler) a former cop who lost his arm four years earlier to Jacob Goodnight (Kane) and now helps troubled teens attempt to reform.

To do so the group of co-ed misfits is taken to the Blackwell Hotel to spend the weekend cleaning the place up at the behest of a little old lady in charge of the restoring of the Blackwell to it’s once grand state. It doesn’t take long before the kids start acting up and one by one begin to go missing as Jacob Goodnight grabs them. Mostly he uses a hook at the end of a long chain and after killing them he removes their eyes.

The most interesting point of See No Evil is the lack of any redeeming quality to any of the kids. Throughout the movie they come off as worthless and nothing but trouble so as they die one by one you find yourself rooting for Jacob Goodnight and glad to see them gone. The addition of the mother as the motivating factor was a plot device that has been done over and over. Friday the 13th and Psycho are two movie franchises that base themselves around the controlling and evil mother and you can add See No Evil to that list.

While not an original film by any means it still comes off as entertaining and a welcome addition to the slasher flick sub genre of horror:

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